Each fall the CYSC needs referees for our Rec Soccer games (player ages 7 – 10). As a referee you can help younger players learn the game of soccer by providing a fair playing environment.


You are eligible to a CYSC Referee if you are a student…

  • Entering grade 6 – grade 12

  • Residing in Colchester

  • Who has some understanding of soccer and/or are willing to learn


If you’d like to know more, please fill out the form below and Chad Ahern, CYSC Referee Coordinator, will get in touch with you. Any referee who wishes to officiate games in the fall will be invited to a Referee Meeting in early

US Soccer Referee Signals

We encourage all CYSC referees to be clear with their on-field calls. This helps younger players learn to play the game the right way.


How many referees officiate each game?

We try to have two (2) referees for each game. We typically try to match a more experienced / certified referee with a newer referee so  new referees can learn in the course of play.


How many games will I officiate?

Typically, a referee will officiate 3- 6 games per fall season. The actual number of games you officiate depends a lot on the final number of players/teams and the number of confirmed referees per fall season. We do our best to try to give everyone an equal number of referee assignments.


What happens if I can’t make my assigned game(s)?

Each week you’ll receive your game assignments (time & field #). If you can’t make it, you let the Referee Coordinator know and they will work with you to find a replacement. (FYI, you are only paid for the games you actually officiate, not the number of games you are originally assigned.) 


Do you provide a Referee shirt, or do I need to go buy my own?

The CYSC provides referee shirts for use on the day of your assigned game(s). As we don’t have enough referee jerseys for everyone to take their own, we expect referees to leave the jersey at the field after they complete their game. If you have your own referee jersey (ideally yellow) because you are a certified referee, we encourage you to wear it with pride.

We stand with US Youth Soccer in supporting a “Let the Refs Ref” playing environment.


The CYSC does provide a modest payment per game as our way of thanking referees. This amount is higher for referees certified by US Soccer. We annually adjust these pay rates but are typically kept slightly below the published VSA referee rates.



The CYSC encourages referees to become certified by US Soccer, but this is not a requirement to get involved with the Colchester Youth Soccer Club.


US Soccer Referee Certification is earned by completing BOTH: