How do I sign up for Fall Rec Soccer?

Registration for our Fall Recreational Soccer League is done online. Please visit the Registration Page for more information.  You will be able to register to play, choose a volunteer position and make payment all online.

Fall Rec Soccer is setup by grades. Which grade do I list my child in?

The grade you should enroll your child is the grade they will be in when fall arrives.  If your child is in 1st grade now and expects to be in 2nd grade in the fall, enroll for 2nd grade soccer.

If I miss the registration dates, is it too late to sign up for soccer?

We provide numerous opportunities to register and typically give families months of advanced notice of registration dates. While we cannot guarantee placement on a team after final registration dates, we will do whatever we can within reason to get your child onto a team if their is space and we have extra uniforms available. We typically provide more flexibility in our Fall Rec program than in the VSL program. Additionally, families who are new to Colchester and Kindergarten parents who were not on our e-mail list can typically find a team to play on after the registration deadlines.

What is the philosophy of play with the Fall Rec  league?

Our league philosophy is this is a beginning recreation program. It is designed to give equal opportunity to all players without concern for game outcome. Each player is given the instruction needed to be successful at a beginner level. Team rosters are kept to a minimum allowing players to have ample play time. Touching the ball, playing the game, making mistakes is the way children learn to be team players and successful at soccer. Everyone is encouraged to reach their own personal success. Competition is minimized. For those players seeking more competitive soccer programs, we have a traveling fall and spring programs. At the end of the day, we want children to gain a love for the sport and provide them with sound coaching tactics and training in a fun and inviting atmosphere.

What is the Fall Soccer Jamboree?

In the fall we stage a soccer jamboree to kick-off the season. The Jamboree takes place at Airport Park. The purpose of the Jamboree is to get the kids organized by grade, have them train, and scrimmage. Board members and coaches will be on hand assessing players and working together to build balanced, competitive teams. This will ensure that all teams are as evenly matched as possible.

If I want to coach, what tools can you provide to help me succeed?

All coaches, no matter what level of experience they have, are provided with US Youth Soccer, age appropriate training manuals. These manuals contain weekly practice plans, as well as Codes of Conduct for you, the coach, the players, and parents.  You are expected to follow practice plans week-to-week, and Board members will be checking in to ensure all coaches are using them properly.

What is needed to play soccer?

The league provides a uniform kit for each player, which includes a jersey, shorts and soccer socks, which must be worn each game day. For practice, comfortable shorts, pants of any style, and sneakers or cleats, whatever the child already has, is fine. Cold weather days sometimes necessitate wearing layers, but they must be UNDER the uniform shirt.  Soccer shin guards are mandatory. 

Are shin guards mandatory?

Yes, for the safety of your child, shin guards are mandatory at ALL practices and games. A child will not be allowed to practice or play in a game without them.  Shin guards are sold at most sporting goods stores and at resale sport shops.  They should cover most or all of the shin.  Soccer socks are typically worn OVER the shin guard.

Are cleats mandatory?

They are NOT mandatory. There are special soccer cleats available, a little different style than football, golf or baseball cleats. Sneakers are also fine. Cleats made for other sports are NOT allowed. We highly recommend cleats as they will give your child better traction and sounder footing when training and playing matches.

When do practices start?

Once coaches finalize their rosters, practices will start. This is after the kick-off jamboree.

How are teams organized?

Teams will be organized after our Kickoff Jamboree. Board members, coaches and grade coordinators will create teams on this weekend. We work hard to create balanced teams so all of our players get the best quality soccer experience. Sometimes this is at the expense of parents wanting their child to play with their friends or neighbors or for certain coaches. If you cannot attend the Jamboree, your child will be assigned to a team.

What if I can’t make the practices the coach sets up?

In some instances, if the coach is not able to accommodate your needs, a team change is made. Often middle school students who play daily with a school team do not attend additional recreation team practices, and simply participate in the Saturday games.

If I have a concern about the soccer program, who should I address it with?

In most instances, problems or concerns can be addressed with the coach. If this is not satisfactory, contact the league president. Sometimes issues are sent via email and are then addressed at board meetings held 3-4 times each year. The Fall season ends with our annual board meeting. Feedback is encouraged to make the league better.

Why does the program encourage that family members volunteer?

Our fall recreation program is large, with more than 350 players and 40+ teams. The entire organization is run by a team of dedicated volunteers, but to ensure the optimum environment for all our young athletes, volunteer positions need to be filled. Although we have a board of over 12 volunteers that put in multiple hours over the course of the year to ensure the league is successful, the volunteer positions require as little as an hour a season to as much as 15-20 hours. If every family takes their small part, no one is over burdened. 


What if I my child has no soccer experience. Can he/she still participate?

Absolutely!  This is just the program for the beginning soccer player.  Each coach will begin with the basics of soccer.  Most coaches are beginners themselves and thrive on teaching those basic skills and rules to allow players to begin the team sport of soccer.  Unlike many other sports, soccer only requires the ability to run and kick a ball. With such simple steps, they can feel the accomplishment of being an athlete and team player.

What is the process of applying for a scholarship?

Feel free to email our club President or Treasurer, who can assist you. We strive to not turn away anyone due to inability to pay.

Do I have to be a resident of Colchester to play in your program?

Only residents of Colchester are allowed to play in our Rec program. As of Jan 1, 2015 only Colchester residents are allowed to play on a Vermont Soccer League (VSL) roster. In unique circumstances where a particular team does not have enough players (and there are no Colchester residents available for that age group), a coach can recruit a non-resident player(s) to fill the roster for that specific Fall or Spring VSL season and that season only. This must be approved by the CYSC Board. Some students reside in Colchester, but attend schools outside of Colchester. Being a student in a Colchester School is not a requirement, simply a resident of the town.