• PRESIDENT: Chief administrator and promoter of CYSC, run Board meetings, rep CYSC at VSA meetings

  • VICE PRESIDENT/REGISTRAR: GotSoccer guru, create CYSC program registrations, share data with Program Coordinators

  • CHAIRMAN: Assist President and Exec Board with vision, recruit new Board members

  • TREASURER: Manage CYSC finances and scholarship program, pay club fees and expenses

  • SECRETARY: Document CYSC Board and Exec Board meetings, share minutes with Media Director

  • MEDIA DIRECTOR: Manage club website and FB page, coordinate promotion of club programs (flyers, signage etc.)

  • VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: Source volunteer opportunites in support of Program Coordinators

  • FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR: Coordinate annual fundraiser, source local sponsorship

  • FIELD MANAGER: Coordinate with Colchester Parks & Rec, Engineer initial lining of AP fields, coordinate lining crews with Volunteer Coordinator throughout duration of programs

  • UNIFORM MANAGER: Determine uniform needs with Program Coordinators, place orders, and distribute uniform kits, manage inventory

  • EQUIPMENT MANAGER: Determine equipment needs with Program Coordinators, place orders, distribute equipment, manage inventory

  • REFEREE COORDINATOR: Source and train Fall Rec referees, oversee performance, survey coaches

  • VSL COORDINATOR: Source VSL coaches for Fall and Spring seasons, manage tryouts, build teams with coaches, coordinate schedules, work with VSA

  • FALL REC COORDINATOR: Source Fall Rec coaches, build teams and schedule, coordinate Preseason Jamboree, oversee weekly competition

  • KINDEGARTEN ACADEMY COORDINATOR: Assist Fall Rec Coordinator in all areas, oversee Kindergarten Academy

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